Since a lot of people ask me about my portfolio I might as well just publish a complete list of the current names. The reason I don’t update the top 5 list anymore is because a) It can change in a heart beat and b) My top 5 positions might not necessarily reflect the top 5 picks. Eskay Mining is for example my largest position right now if I include the implied value of the warrants. I own these shares in physical form and I have no intention of selling them anytime soon. However, would I have such an obscene exposure to Eskay if I could buy/sell said shares easily? I’m not sure but most likely not. Don’t get me wrong, Eskay is probably in my top #3 right now when it comes to long term risk/reward but my current exposure is probably a bit extreme.

Anyway, here is my current Top #5:

  • Eskay Mining
  • Novo Resources
  • Goliath Resources
  • Kingfisher Metals
  • White Rock Minerals / Austar Gold

… Again that doesn’t mean they are the five best risk/reward cases that I know of currently.

Rest of the portfolio…

Gold Portion (in no particular order):

  • Lion One Metals
  • Idaho Champion
  • Cabral Gold
  • Irving Resources
  • NuLegacy Gold
  • FireFox Gold
  • Timberline Resources
  • Southern Gold
  • Prosper Gold
  • Blue Thunder
  • Ophir Gold
  • Magna Gold
  • Rokmaster Resources
  • Glen Eagle
  • Omai Gold Mines
  • Enduro Metals
  • White Gold Corp
  • Kalamazoo Resources
  • VanGold Mining
  • Juggernaut Exploration
  • Labrador Gold
  • Signature Resources
  • Tombill Mines
  • Headwater Gold
  • TriStar Gold
  • Condor Resources
  • Metals Creek
  • New Found Gold
  • Monarca Minerals
  • Maritime Resources
  • Altamira
  • Montage Gold
  • Strikepoint Gold
  • Cartier Iron

Silver Portion (in no particular order):

  • Dolly Varden Silver
  • Defiance Silver
  • Kuya Silver
  • Golden Tag
  • Mantaro
  • Eloro Resources

Base Metal Portion (in no particular order):

  • District Metals
  • Alpha Exploration
  • Inflection Resources
  • Heatherdale Resources


  • Defense Metals


… I think I got all of them but I might have forgotten one or two.

Note: This is not investment advice!



2 thoughts on “Entire Current Portfolio

  1. Sach says:

    Hmm, no Great Bear Resources (GTBAF). Maybe you owned it previously and sold it after the run-up in price? I don’t own it at the moment because I consider it overpriced, especially since they very recently had an offering at USD $10.

  2. Stephen says:

    ValOre Metals? Didn’t they have Rhodium in their polymetallic property in South America?

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