Senior Investment Advisor at Canaccord Genuity Cam Currie thinks no one is paying attention to several major developments in the gold sector that paint an extremely bullish picture for the future of precious metals. Cam discusses the disconnect between the gold market and the prevailing narratives, the expansion of the BRICS nations, the effects of the Fed rapidly raising interest rates, and much more.


3 thoughts on “There’s Significant Developments Happening in Gold and No One is Paying Attention: Cam Currie

  1. Tim Jenkins says:

    Sure….I don’t believe a word this guy says….

    We’ve been listening to the same BS for years now. Blackrock’s AI supercomputer algorithm, Aladdin, has more and more control over these “markets.” The metals are being completely manipulated, and the miners have absolutely no interest from the public. What a sham!

  2. Alyoshak says:

    Erik, I listened to this a few days ago and it was very good. I don’t believe the previous comment. As we know and like Rick Rule and others have said, *all* markets are manipulated to some degree. This is an extremely volatile and cyclical sector, and the miners are necessarily highly dependent on the metals, which are indeed manipulated by paper derivatives, but which price is not the true price of gold and silver and that true price will manifest itself plainly (despite Blackrock algos) when people realize the debt-based system is unsustainable and will either go into default or the debt inflated away. If the latter (which is almost 100% what will happen) then woe to whoever’s savings are not in real assets. Russell Napier and others explain it clearly.

  3. Warren says:

    AI technology was created by humans and designed it algorithms to adapt to this bat shit crazy risk, dept driven economy. When the bottom falls out AI technology will resemble Hal 9000 from the movie Space Odyssey, on its own and lost in space. Stay grounded with gold n silver in your pockets like a good pirate 🏴‍☠️

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