Welcoming 10 new partners:

  • Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd. (PEX.V)
  • Grande Portage Resources Ltd (GPG.V)
  • White Rock Minerals Ltd. (WRM.AX)
  • Metals Creek Resources Corp. (MEK.V)
  • Headwater Gold Inc. (HWG.CN)
  • Galantas Gold Corporation (GAL.V)
  • Smartset Services Inc. (SMAR-P.V)
  • Trifecta Gold Ltd. (TG.V)
  • Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd (GMG.V)
  • Magna Mining Inc. (NICU.V)

I own shares of all companies mentioned. Be on the lookout for articles where I explain my reasons for investing in said companies over the coming months.

Best regards,

Erik Wetterling / The Hedgeless Horseman




One thought on “Welcoming 10 New Partners: PEX.V, GPG.V, WRM.AX, MEK.V, HWG.CN, GAL.V, SMAR-P.V, TG.V, GMG.V, NICU.V

  1. Marshall says:

    I’m sure we will see a good rationale for these additions. However, in in the future too many stocks could dilute your laser focus on the best risk/reward probabilities. Your stocks related to Q and Crescat are a basket of high-quality speculations.

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