I own a lot of precious metals juniors but the ones that make up the backbone of my own as well as family portfolios tend to be companies with a resource and long runways. In other words they have margin of safety on paper and could grow internally for years to come. This makes them suitable for a “fire and forget” approach with the help of diversification IMO.

Some examples…

(Ps. The tiers are subjective obviously)

Tier 1 Size and/or Quality:

  • Eskay Mining (Size,  grades)
    • Very speculative
    • >> 5 Moz potential
  • Novo Resources (District/Region)
    • Amount of targets + potential of targets (Hemi, Fosterville etc)
  • Eloro Resources (Iska Iska)
    • >500 Moz AgEQ potential
  • New Found Gold (Size but primarily grades)
    • >5 Moz Au potential
  • Lion One Metals (Size and grades)
    • 5-10 Moz Au potential

Tier 2 Size and/or Quality:

  • Rokmaster Resources (Size)
    • >6 Moz AuEQ potential
  • Goliath Resources (Size)
    • >5 Moz Au potential
    • Speculative
  • Cabral Gold (District)
    • >5 Moz Au potential
  • Defiance Silver (San Acacia + Tepal combo)
  • Dolly Varden Silver (Grade)
    • 100 Moz potential

Tier 3: Size but lower grades

  • Mayfair Gold
    • >5 Moz potential
  • Goldshore Resources
    • 5-10 Moz Au potential


Note: This is not investing advice. I own shares of all companies mentioned and many are banner sponsors. Always do your own due diligence.

Best regards,

The Hedgeless Horseman



2 thoughts on “The Backbone of Junior Portfolios

  1. Marc S Ginsberg says:

    Thanks Erik.

  2. Marvin Suchman says:

    Did you make an important typo??
    Did you mean to say file and forget rather than fire and forget?
    Thanks for all you do for us!!

    Did you see Rick Rules comments regarding
    Calibre Mining?

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