A lot of people ask me what companies I like. That’s simple because I like all companies that I own and they are about 30 in total right now… Everything is cheap.

On any given day I typically buy the stock(s) that have gone down the most in the recent past (Price is what you pay, value is what you get).

For example I have bought Timberline Resources, Defense Metals, TriStar Gold and Lion One Metals today.

One thing people have to remember is that the market is often clueless and one should not read too much into a stock going up or down 20% in a few days. Look at it as noise and opportunity. Assume that the market is clueless on any spike that is not tied to a material NR.

Timberline didn’t hit ore grades in their first wildcat holes for example but the company has started to figure out the Eureka project in terms of geology. It seems there is a lot more to the story and the company has barely begun. The large IP anomalies have not yet been drilled etc. With a resource already in place I think it got stupid cheap during this dip. I mean it’s prime Nevada ground with multi kilometer golden smoke across three trends in total.

“The IP geophysics reported in February also indicates that the heart of the chargeability anomaly is below the depth of drilling in the Graben Zone. However, there are lobes of high chargeability that rise closer to the surface, both north and south of the 2020 drilling. These shallower IP anomalies will be among the near-term drill targets at Lookout and in the Graben Zone.”

In other news Eskay Mining might have added tens to hundreds of millions in Expected Value to shareholders because the egos at Kirkland Lake. Moriarty describes it well.

Note: This is not investment advice.

2 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Sach says:

    Lately, we have been learning much about the mental motivations of management at Kirkland Lake. IMHO, their motivations are undermining their own success and the success of Kirkland as a company. Of course, Kirkland management will hide behind the excuse that they have their own exploration projects to pursue and only want to pursue projects that they have management control over.

    In my humble opinion, Kirkland Lake management’s “motivations” led them to do other silly things like sell Novo shares at a HUGE loss.

    I still own both companies. After Kirkland announced the sale of its Novo holdings, I knew after 40 years of investing that I would have to jettison one of the companies *entirely* from my portfolio. It’s how I roll in the zero sum investment world. Bob M’s book and writings provided me with the insight and perspective to finalize my own investment decision.

  2. Champuga says:

    I added to Novo and Eskay past couple of days dumping Barrick since it was flat versus the other 2 being down 10% or more. Ridiculous that these stocks go down so much on no volume. You could probably make a living making a market in these stocks as they are so illiquid.

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