Below are some favorites of mine from different categories (advanced to earlier stage). In my opinion the junior sector is currently severely undervalued across all categories so it’s a smorgasbord for investors who can pick and choose bargains from any company one is comfortable with. In my opinion I think the vast majority of the portfolio should be in de-risked plays since that will guarantee that investors get beta (leverage to the gold/silver theme). Thanks to the current valuations I think investors get Alpha exposure across the board as well. In contrast, when valuations are high the beta leverage gets exponentially weaker and companies might trade with a negative Expected Return (negative Alpha).

These are not recommendations!


  • Novo Resources 
  • Gold Mountain Mining
  • Blue Lagoon Resources
  • Maritime Resources
  • Magna Gold
  • Galantas Gold

Margin of Safety + Growth (Gold focused)

  • Mayfair Gold
    • 2 Moz -> 3-3.5 Moz
  • Rokmaster Resources
    • 2 Moz -> 6 Moz?
  • TriStar Gold
    • 2 Moz, FS study on the way
  • Montage Gold
    • PEA, 3 Moz -> ?
  • Goldshore Resources
    • 4 Moz -> ?
  • Defiance Silver
    • 1.8 Moz + silver + copper->?
    • PEA

Margin of Safety + Growth (Silver focuses)

  • Dolly Varden Silver
    • 45 Moz Ag
  • Golden Tag Resources
    • >200 Moz AgEq

Aggressive Growth (multi rig drill campaigns)

  • Eskay Mining
  • Eloro Resources
  • New Found Gold
  • Labrador Gold
  • Cabral Gold
  • Lion One Metals

Swing For The Fences 

  • Altamira Gold – Mutum target
  • Idaho Champion – Champagne target
  • Goliath Resources – Sure Bet target
  • Pacific Ridge – Deep target

Note: This is not investment advice. I own all companies mentioned and many are banners sponsors. Thus assume I am biased and do your own due diligence!

Best regards,

The Hedgeless Horseman


2 thoughts on “Different Types of Stories

  1. bonzo barzini says:

    Why is NuLegacy not in the swing for the fences list?

    1. admin says:

      I simply included the first ones that came to mind.

      Best regards

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