Horseman’s portfolio

Below is the current precious metal miners portfolio (Descending weighting):

  • Novo Resources 
  • Orca Gold
  • Golden Arrow Resources
  • Dolly Varden Silver
  • Kootenay Silver
  • Cordoba Minerals
  • Goldquest Mining
  • Southern Silver Exploration 
  • Sandspring Resources 
  • Timberline Resources 
  • Americas Silver 
  • Fiore Exploration
  • Kaizen Resources
  • Sarama Resources
  • Impact Silver
  • Sage Gold
  • Kirkland Lake

Additional “micro positions”:

  • Castle Silver Resources
  • Arizona Silver Exploration
  • Bitterroot Resources

Note: Most of the companies listed are exploration and/or development companies and are therefore much riskier than large mining companies that are already in production.