… It took me quite a few days, but finally it is finished!

As mentioned in a previous post, I got the urge to do another stock report after Northern Empire Resources got acquired by Coeur Mining a few weeks back.

My focus has mostly been on Pilbara but I have been keeping tabs on some of my favorite conventional gold plays to see if an additional opportunity would come along that I could not say no to. I got to admit, it was getting a bit boring to just focus on one play since researching companies is the most fun aspect of this business if you ask me…

Well, finally that day came when I realized there was a lot of positive things on the horizon for a company that I used to own before Pilbara came along (but never did a report on). At first I was planning on writing this “stock report” after September due to all the news I expect out of Pilbara, but I had to diverge from that plan since I believe that this new company is in for a re-rating, and probably very soon (and that’s hopefully just the start). Thus, I spent the last week gathering material, compiling it and writing it all down… Else risking it being published AFTER the catalysts.

Since I wanted to cover as much as I can, it ended up being 62 pages long (including graphs, slides, drawings & tables etc.) when I [copy/pasted] it into a word document just to measure it.

If you are interested in reading my investment case for this new top 2 holding of mine, then simply donate $25 to my PayPal-account and I will send you the password and a link to the password-protected article:


Important: Don’t forget to include a VALID EMAIL adress! (And don’ forget to check your spam/junk folder just in case). If you haven’t received the password within 8 hours or so (Avg sleep time) or have forgotten the password then simply email me and let me know! You can always email me at: contact (at) thehedgelesshorseman.com

  • For what it’s worth, below is my mining portfolio’s graph since 2015-12-31:


  • GDXJ returned 35% over the same time period.


If you like the case and find my work valuable, then please let others know about it, without giving it away of course 😛



Best regards,

The Hedgeless Horseman

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