Charts of The Day: Silver

Even though the rally in precious metals has already run for quite some time, silver is looking very interesting in terms of  more upside potential ahead:     Gold-Silver ration rolling over…?    
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Portfolio Update: Last Two Weeks Action (Catalyst Heavy)

The following stocks are the SOME of the stocks I have bought over the last two weeks, all which have high impact catalysts in the “near” future:   Newrange Gold (Website) Market Cap FD: US35 M Flagship project: Pamlico, Nevada Additional projects in Colombia Upcoming catalysts Q3-Q4: Property...
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Charts of the Day: Warning Signs For Copper

Money Managers (semi dumb money) net long positions at 2 year highs (at least):     Chinese Credit Creation vs Copper:     … These are huge warning signs for investors that are long copper. Zerohedge recently posted an article titled “Something Strange Is Going...
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