Miners: Are we in for a final flush?

This past week ended on a negative note for the mining indices since GDX and GDXJ seem to have been rejected at the down trend ceiling once again (even though some big individual names have pretty bullish charts):     GDXJ:GDX Isn’t looking that great...
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Portfolio Update: Last Two Weeks Action

Bought (relatively big positions) Abraplata Resource Corp  Silver explorer focused on Argentina ~23 MUSD market cap Flagship project: 81.3Moz Ag + 755Koz Au = 1.9Moz AuEQ Significant shareholders: 13.7% Management, 19.9 Silver Standard Comments: Very cheap based on P/Resources, Seems very underfollowed (My broker didn’t...
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Quick Update: GDXJ

Given that the US dollar index and especially USD/JPY is tanking while real rates are going lower, gold and silver should be up strongly ATM. Unfortunately there seems to some resistance keeping the metals from heading higher. One factor that I personally believe is playing a...
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Gold & Silver COT Report Now Massively Bullish!

Via David Brady – https://twitter.com/GlobalProTrader (a must follow) Gold       Silver       I can’t overstate how extremely encouraging I find these charts to be. Smart money is the most bullish on gold since 2006. This at a time when the miners are nearing...
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Chart of the Day: Déjà vu?

First Majestic
At the start of the monstrous leg up in the miners early 2016 one of the most explosive mining stocks out there was First Majestic Silver Corp, which rose over 500% before a severe correction took hold. Many people has probably seen the graph of...
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