Gold outlook

Gold Monthly
Gold: Monthly   Higher lows in RSI (Bullish). MACD is turning up and is near positive territory (Bullish). A lot of room left to upper Bollinger Band. Overall: Bullish   Gold: Weekly   MACD cross (Bullish). Price above Bollinger Median with a lot room left...
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Follow up on Bitcoin vs GDX

In a previous post I put up the following chart depicting the recent major divergence between Bitcoin and GDX (gold miner index) and that if recent history is a guide for the future, we should see Bitcoin and GDX converge. So what has happened since then?…...
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Sunday Reading

“A Biased 2017 Forecast (Part One)“ – “A Biased 2017 Forecast (Part Two)“ – “FMQ Beaks $15 Trillion” – “Get An Education” – “Debt Surge Producing Fake Recovery” – “Crisis, Dullars and Wake-Up Call” –   Chart of the...
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Chart of the day: GDX

GDX (gold producers) is looking quite bullish on the weekly chart for at least a swing higher in the short/medium term: MACD has turned up. Histogram shows correction lost strength. Weekly candle stick hammer (Last seen at the end of the last major bottom). RSI turning...
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