It contains some high octane speculation regarding ways to potentially track conglomerate basal Fortescue Group outcrops across the Pilbara Craton. Examples include land belonging to Novo Resources, Artemis Resources, Coziron, Matsa, Marindi Metals and De Grey Mining. I also take a closer look at Purdy’s Reward, Artemis’s newly acquired claims and the potential for geological mismapping across the Pilbara, with potentially big implications for a lot of juniors. I support my thesis with multiple graphic examples and information from the companies mentioned. 

It’s a 63 page (20mb pdf-document) behemoth with 80+ slides and commentary which includes weeks of research and about a week to compile everything into a readable document. The sheer size is not really suitable for a regular post (it’s much larger than my first article). I have not seen the information and thesis provided in this document mentioned in any blog post/forum post/interview/company presentation etc (except broad statements regarding geological mismapping). 

I highly recommend reading my first INSIDER article that looked at what might be hidden directly underneath the mapped Mount Roe Basalt. This second article goes beyond the boundaries of the (mapped) Mount Roe Basalts.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The article may be too “advanced” for people that are very new to the Pilbara conglomerate gold story.
  • It is highly speculative in nature even though I present a lot of information that supports my thesis, IMHO.

This might be the last Pilbara behemoth-type article I do since it consumes a ridiculous amount of time. 

Even though I have gotten offers upwards of $400 for these slides I don’t want the cost to be so high so as to exclude some of the “smaller” investors. I like to share my work to as many as possible, but at the same time get something back for the hundreds of hours I put into research and writing. 

If you want to get access to my work and learn more about my theories and how that might affect some of the companies mentioned previously, simply donate $99 via the Paypal button located below or top-right and to support my work and I will email you the document. Please be aware that the document is large and therefore takes some time to send, and that I will not be able to send out documents while I’m sleeping(!). Please be respectful of the time and effort I put into this and do not share or upload the document anywhere. Don’t forget to include a VALID EMAIL adress! 

Please send me an email if you haven’t received the document in 10 hours and don’t forget to check the junk-mail/spam box.

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