I am finally done with what I think is the by far best article I have produced yet. It took weeks of research and I went through probably over a hundred research papers in my quest to find out what might be happening in the Pilbara and it took a week to compile into a readable document. It ended up being a 58-page document that I am very proud of. Revenues from this document is intended to help me cover the travelling expenses, which will occur since I have been invited to visit the project in Karratha in April, where I hope to learn even more about the conglomerate gold mystery. I will of course write about my findings if everything goes well and I get to visit “ground zero” (I’m not sure if I will publicly post it or only publish it for the ones who bought this article though). It will also help me stay motivated and enable me to keep providing 95% of my work for free. Now it is time for me to get some IMHO well deserved rest after working day and night on this. Shout out to Mr Ludbucker from CEO.

(All previous purchasable articles will also be included for free.)

Topics that are covered:

  1. Why I think Novo and Artemis have the majority of a unique land package and what processes were involved to create it.
  2. Why I think the “Pilbara Gold Rush” will potentially grow bigger (Both horizontally and vertically, which I don’t think the market is fully aware of).
  3. In what ways I think Pilbara differs from Witswatersrand (in a good way).
  4. What parts of Pilbara I think are the most prospective.
  5. Why I think “West is best” and what it means.
  6. Pilbara juniors that I think might have prospective land in the “right” places.
  7. You will hopefully understand what I consider to best ground and why Novo’s staking activity is potentially very positive signal for other juniors.
  8. Why I am excited for Artemis’s deep drill hole.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The article may be too “advanced” for people that are very new to the Pilbara conglomerate gold story.
  • It is as always highly speculative in nature even though I present a lot of information and research papers that supports my thesis, IMHO.
  • I encourage everyone to do your own research and that this document will provide a good start in terms of figuring out where there might be more gold in Pilbara.
  • I have not received any compensation from any party to write this document.


If you want to get access to my work and learn more about my theories and how that might affect some of the companies mentioned previously, simply donate $135 via the Paypal button located below or top-right and to support my work and I will email you the password to the protected post (found HERE) where you can read and download the document after entering the password. Please be aware that I will not be able to send out passwords while I’m sleeping. Please be respectful of the time and effort I put into this and do not share or upload the document anywhere.

Important: Don’t forget to include a VALID EMAIL adress! (And don’ forget to check your spam/junk folder just in case)

If you haven’t received the password within 8 hours (Avg sleep time) or have forgotten the password then simply email me and let me know.Best regards,

The Hedgeless Horseman

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