I would like to clear up some of the confusion regarding the password protected post about Novo Resources.

As some of you perhaps know, I have been researching Novo Resources 24/7 the last few weeks with the goal to have an edge on the overall market. My investment strategy overall is to know more about a company and its prospects than 99% of the “competition”. A few days ago someone asked me if he could buy the slides on Novo that I compiled for my own investment purposes. Now given how many slides and data I gathered, it would not be an easy task to put everything together in a coherent format. I have about 400 slides in total and my Novo Resources folder is about 500 Mb. To put everything in a single document would probably result in a 300+ pages long behemoth.

While I have not yet figured out how to structure the optimal payment solution (subscription, one off etc) or how I will publish the data I have gathered. I have decided to compile some of this data and write a test article with some of my most recent discoveries. I have put it up for sale to recoup at least some value of the time and effort I have invested in my research.

The response so far has been very good, and I have not found the same information on any forum, or interview etc.

In order to access the password protected post (which I would consider to be highly relevant for Novo Resources prospects) simply make a donation of US$25 via the Paypal link on the front page to support my work and make sure that you provide a valid e-mail adress. I will then e-mail you the password. You can also contact me on CEO.CA where I go under the username HHorseman.

I will be traveling to Zurich for the Precious Metal Summit conference on Monday and will be away til Thursday, so if you donate later than that, have some patience with my response time. Also, do not forget that I am indeed a human being (contrary to some claims) that actually needs to sleep.

The Insider Article can be found HERE

If you have any questions, contact me at: contact(at)thehedgelesshorseman.com






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