Since I get a lot of questions and emails about what I think about company X or Y and I am unfortunately unable to answer every question due to my “work pipeline” already being full to the brim, I thought it was a good idea to do a poll to see what people are most passionate about. The fact is that even though I average 12H a day (even on weekends) in terms of research I’m not able to convert that data into coherent and structured posts on every project, thesis and/or company I am currently interested in (in a timely fashion). The rabbit hole in the case of Novo for example is so deep that I could spend the next months only doing that, which would mean less posts about anything else.

So without further ado, I hereby present a poll where you can vote on what you personally are most interested in reading more about:

What are you most interested in reading more about?

The more research heavy and time consuming posts will probably be “pay to read” pieces. I hope that’s understandable.

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