Portfolio Update: Latest Action

New positions GT Gold (GTT) I pretty much thought GT Gold was overvalued for the entire move up and as Jayfire put it: “It’s priced for perfection”… Well the latest NR shattered that “perfection” and shares have sold off big time the last two days,...
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Novo Resources: What do we Know or Think we Know?

Novo 2
I decided to put together a little list of factors that are influencing me personally regarding the odds of finding something of economic value at Karratha.  Since we have so little actual data at this point, and the first exploration results from phase 1 at their Karratha land...
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Some VERY crude calculations on Novo Resources (NVO)

Novo Resources
The following calculations are extremely crude and speculative. We have no idea what the AVG grade, thickness and continuity will be so the numbers should not be used for investment purposes. Used guesstimates based on Moriarty’s post, the bulk sample and guesstimates etc: Thickness:  5...
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