Chart of the Day: Déjà vu?

First Majestic
At the start of the monstrous leg up in the miners early 2016 one of the most explosive mining stocks out there was First Majestic Silver Corp, which rose over 500% before a severe correction took hold. Many people has probably seen the graph of...
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Palladium: Leading Gold, Silver and the Miners?

Palladium has been on quite a tear for the last couple of months:     The above graph is certainly a very different picture than gold and silver (unfortunately). Can this latest divergence between the metals be a positive sign going forward? Since the bull...
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Weekend Reading

Palladium Blows the Whistle on the London Metals Market – David Jensen Experience is Overrated – Michael Batnik Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Expects the Worst Crash in Our Lifetime – Business Insider  
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Portfolio Update: Adds and Cuts

Action over the last two weeks New positions: Bitterroot Resources (re-entry) Avino Silver and Gold Mines (re-entry) Impact Silver (re-entry) Brixton Metals (re-entry) Americas Silver Corp (re-entry) Golden Arrow Resources Corp (re-entry) Klondex Mines Red Eagle Mining Almadex Minerals Aurvista Gold Corp Most new positions are...
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Charts of the Day: Gold vs Bitcoin

I decided to compare the charts of two “alternative currencies”, namely gold and the relatively new phenomena Bitcoin. One having been a monetary asset for millennia and the other one being a new digital form of currency for the lack of a better word. The charts...
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