Portfolio Update: New Additions and Cuts

During the last two to three weeks I have added six new positions that I am just done accumulating: Newrange Gold Telson Resources Almadex Minerals Great Panther Silver Kerr Mines Otis Gold Increased position in: Cordoba Minerals Decreased positions in: Sunvest Minerals Gungnir Resources ATM I am...
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Chart of the Day: GDXJ

The miners have taken a real beating over the last couple of weeks, and as of now GDXJ (Junior miners) are below the floor of the giant wedge formation (Bearish)… Notes: Below wedge floor (Bearish unless it’s a fake break, which in that case would...
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Chart of the Day: Bitcoin vs GDX

  During the last two years, divergences between Bitcoin and GDXJ has tended to converge again after a couple of months. With Bitcoin’s recent meteoric rise, this divergence is substantially bigger than what has been seen during this time frame. It will be interesting to...
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Correlations During the Last Two Months

Correlation matrix
Lets take a look at the correlations during the time period 2017-03-01 to 2017-05-01:   Data     Observations GDXJ correlation with gold literally went down the drain, with a coefficient of only 0.06! Probably a lot to do with the GDXJ rebalancing. Gold saw...
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