Chart of the day: Policy uncertainty

Global policy uncertainty
Global policy uncertainty: Never before in “modern times” has there been this much policy uncertainty around the world. Never before has central banks printed this much FIAT currency. Never before in HISTORY has there been negative nominal rates. We are right in the middle of...
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Gold outlook

Gold Monthly
Gold: Monthly   Higher lows in RSI (Bullish). MACD is turning up and is near positive territory (Bullish). A lot of room left to upper Bollinger Band. Overall: Bullish   Gold: Weekly   MACD cross (Bullish). Price above Bollinger Median with a lot room left...
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Two interesting developments in the silver space

Real assets
“JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Lawsuit Revived By Appeals Court!” – “Utah Bill Sets Stage For State Gold Depository…” – It’s always good to see some positive developments in regard to sound money. In an ideal world a nation’s central bank and/or government should...
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Portfolio update: Cordoba Minerals and Orca Gold

Orca gold
I recently added Cordoba Minerals and increased my Orca Gold holdings significantly. Snapshot of Cordoba Minerals Corp. Current market cap: 134MUSD Location: Colombia (High risk) Exploration company Main metals: Copper/Gold Additional notes Recent high grade poly-metallic hit in new zone. Backed by Robert Friedland (One...
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